Romantic Songs by Gianluca Zanna
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Romantic Songs by Gianluca Zanna
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Romantic Songs by Gianluca ZannaRomantic Songs
by Gianluca Zanna

(Music & Lyrics © by Gianluca Zanna - ASCAP Gianluca Zanna Music Publishing except "Amore" Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna Music by Gianluca Zanna & Simone Sello

Thinking of You
Thinking of You (Instrumental)
Thinking of You (karaoke version)
We Met in Rome
Magic Night
The Other side of my heart
I'll Be your Friend

I'd Like to have two wings
I am lost into your eyes

Temptation (Instrumental)
E verytime
For You (male singer)

The Other side of my heart (dance)

Temptation (instrumental)

Life is Beautiful
Desert Song
I want to love you all nite long
There's always Sun after the Thunder
I am lost into your eyes (acoustic)
A Bright new Day
I want to forget You
Another Day, Another Night
One Life is not Enough
Now that you are gone
One Life is not Enough (Instrumental)
A Love is not known until is Lost
When that day will come
The Legal Immigrant
For You (female singer)
For You (