Romantic Songs by Gianluca Zanna
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Italian Serenades by Gianluca Zanna

Italian Serenades by Gianluca ZannaWhen I came to America, I was able to fulfill my lifelong dream as a songwriter and publisher. I wrote and published over 100 songs that are now sold all over the world. I've also always enjoyed singing Italian Serenades, celebrating nostalgic memories from the earlier part of my life in Italy.

I love romantic gifts to share with people, and I am now happy to be offering a unique and romantic gift idea that you can give to that special person in your life, a personal serenader, via Skype.

I will deliver your personal love message and sing a beautiful Italian Serenade or Love Poem to your special person… anywhere in the world!
This is the first Italian Serenader online service where you can hire a real Italian Serenader from Italy to serenade your beloved one... Starting from just $24.99

HOW the Serenade Service works:

1) Pick a serenade "Caruso" - "Roma Nun fa la stupida stasera" - "O Sole Mio" - "Chitarra Romana" - "Il tango delle Capinere" -"Volare", "Stornello Romano"
"Te Amo (I love you) by Gianluca Zanna" - "Tu Sei la piu' by Bella (You are the most beautiful) Gianluca Zanna" - "Perdoname (Forgive me) by Gianluca Zanna"

Or you can send me a love poem (for example, the poem I wrote "For You") and instead of singing a serenade, I can read the romantic poem for your loved one, with romantic background music.

2) email me
a) include a short romantic message so I can personalize your serenade
b) provide the name of the serenade you want me to perform
c) give me the phone number of your special person or their skype handle name (lover, wife, husband, mother, grandmother... whoever you love)...
d) let me know the best time to contact them.

3) ORDER HERE - Just $24.99
As I receive payment and the best time to call your loved one, they will receive the surprise, your personal romantic/love message and serenade... Live!
After I perform the serenade or poem, I will also email you the audio file so you can keep this special memory.

I also offer Personalized Serenade Service:
Same as above, but instead of me singing a standard serenade, or a poem, I will write specific lyrics just for your special person...
You need to email me some personal details about you and your special person (example email me a photo of her/him), and the personal relationship you have.
ORDER HERE For just $69.99

Demo Italian Serenades
Gianluca Zanna the only Italian Serenader on line
"Roma Nun Fa la stupida"


"Oh Sole Mio"

"For You"