Romantic Songs by Gianluca Zanna
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Gianluca Zanna
Songwriter, Romantic poet, Italian by Birth, American by Choice

Gianluca Zanna romantic poet, songwriter Starting at the beginning, Gianluca Zanna, was born in Rome, Italy, and raised in the seacoast city of Anzio, one of the most pivotal places in the outcome of World War II. There, he spent much time with his maternal grandfather who would often playfully sing to Luca about Arizona (Il Tango delle Capinere), where the young boy never imagined he would one day make his home.
During his Convitto Nazionale boarding school experience, at 14, Luca discovered music. From that point on, instead of playing soccer (he hated it), he started to write songs, lyrics, and he taught himself how to play guitar, bass, drums and everything else that makes noise. He says the brain was and is his main musical instrument.
As a student, Luca studied Ancient Latin and Ancient Greek. He also discovered a love for the great Italian poets of the classical past, like Ovidio, Catullo, Dante, Petrarca, and D'Annunzio. He admired their ability to transmit feelings and pictures in a few brief phrases as a way to fight for what they believed in whether it be love or politics. Every spare moment, instead of playing soccer, he wrote poetry and dreamt to one day become an American.
At 16 he joined the Military Academy of Nunziatella in Naples, Italy.
After High School graduation, in search for freedom, he spent a period as a world traveler, passionate about windsurfing. He stayed in the South Pacific, Polynesia, Fiiji, Samoa, and the Canary Islands, among other exotic locations. During his travelling around the world he started to discover painting. Without any formal training he started to express his emotions with his brush, sometimes made just of grass or his finger.He legally emigrated to America the October 1998, and here, he's written and produced over a hundred songs. Besides his artistic life, Zanna has been and he is a political activist, supporting Freedom, Individual Rights and America against the New World Order. If you are curious about his political activism click here.

Luca Zanna at his Arizona farmCurrently, he lives in east Arizona in his "Multimedia Art laboratory" located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and silence. Here he creates music, broadcasts his radio shows, writes poems, books, shoot guns, cook pasta and paints his emotions to share with the world.

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